Antonio Sannino

Antonio Sannino

Born December 22, 1956
Birthplace Naples, Italy
Style Landscape

Antonio Sannino, after attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, moved to England in 1979 and started his artistic career and under the guidance of some of the best-known British artists (amongst whom were H.E. Marvin and Jankel Adler). He became known for a classical style and a well-balanced and striking palette. Returning to Italy in 1990, Sannino decided to have studios in different locations so that he could still travel.

In a frenetic age where artists began striving toward originality at any cost, Sannino’s classic subjects were distinguished by the splendor which he expressed in his paintings. This young artist's noteworthy achievements can be attributed to his personal way of analyzing the countryside in minute detail. Sannino's works were enhanced by the variety and richness of the shades and tones he used.

Sannino has become one of the world's most talented landscapists. Few artists have shown works in so many solo and collective exhibitions throughout Europe.

His works were introduced to the American Northwest by Roger Yost, whose galleries have long featured collectible international artists.